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HP e3000 MPE Upgrade Policy

HP News Flash:
On February 12th, 2007, HP released new MPE+FOS "Right-to-Use" (RTU) Upgrade products and a policy statement regarding e3000 upgrades.  Client Systems is pleased to work with HP as an authorized partner to provide these upgrade products to e3000 customers. 

You can link to the following documents to see the upgrade policy details and product information sheet

Client Systems: HP Authorized e3000 system and MPE Upgrade Partner
Client Systems looks forward to assisting our customers in the upgrade process.  We can provide both the e3000 hardware and MPE RTU license for the upgrade.

Need Even More Processing Power?
Do you have a 9x9 server and want to upgrade to an N-Class server?  Client Systems continues to provide e3000 systems for customers who want additional processing power (new system or trade-up) or disaster recovery solutions.  Please send us your existing configuration and new requirements.  We will configure the right system for your data center.

Third Party Software?
Client Systems can coordinate with many 3rd Party software providers to obtain the necessary software upgrade that works with your new or upgraded systems.  Please contact us for assistance.

Contact Client Systems
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